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Food & Drinks? 
Yes, these are all available for purchase on top of the Hill, the entire event is catered by Otto's and they will have a list of the food allergies and requirements you put down when you registered. Jamaica Blue will also be there with all your Hot & Cold Beverages. These two stalls will have cash & eftpos facilities.
What do you get from us?
Each team will receive an event pack which will be ready for collection On Wednesday 12th July 2017 9AM - 12 NOON from Telstra Stores Townsville Stockland Store. In each pack you will receive, x10 Team shirts, x10 Water Bottles & x10 Event Hats.
On the day of the event we offer FREE bottled water & Fruit for the duration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do we sleep/Sit?

All teams are situated in the TOP car park of Castle hill

2. How do we get to the top?

All teams are required to walk to the top of Castle hill, as the road is closed from Friday there are no cars permitted on Castle Hill Road. We suggest all teams start walking up the hill around 5.30AM -6:00AM in order to reach the peak & settling in their areas for a starting time of 7AM.

3. What can we bring? And how do we get it up the top?


Our suggestion is to bring along some very warm clothing, lots of socks, x2 pairs of runners, pillows, blankets, small swag & small esky if you wish to keep your own water or snacks + a really comfy camping chair, sunscreen, Torch or miners head lamp & mozzie spray. (Please note, this year there will be no seating or bedding supplied for the event, you will be required to bring along what you wish to sit on or sleep on for the 24hrs).

 There will be NO Shuttle trucks this year.  Due to spacing requirements we are encouraging you to ONLY bring what you can carry up & down yourself.

4. What not to bring?

Pop up shade structures, Alcohol, BBQ's, Gas camping ovens, candles, Small tents, pop up tent shades, animals, tent swags.

5. Will there be shade? 

Yes! We have worked on this consistently EVERY year and are confident you'll be happy with the shade from the marquees we set up at the top of the hill, where the car park is and near the food where we will have picnic tables with umbrellas. 

6. Food & Drinks? 

Yes, these are all available for purchase on top of the Hill! Keep your peepers peeled for MENUS coming soon!

7. What do you get from us? 

Each team will receive an event pack which will be ready for collection Date, Time and LOCATION to be confirmed. In each pack you will receive, x10 Team shirts, x10 Water Bottles & x10 Event Hats. 

On the day of the event you should keep your bottles with you to re-fill at the Hydration Stations - we want to do the right thing for the environment by re-filling your bottles so cups will not be available.

8. Start of the event, how will it work?

Our Townsville Mayor Jenny Hill will officially declare the event open at 7AM, where we will request all teams and their members walk 1 entire lap together. We will start this lap and official openings from the Food area out the front of the Hit 103.1 Shipping container. (You won’t be able to miss it when you reach the hill) 

9. Are children allowed in our team? 

Of course they are, but they must be counted as a member of the 10 and must always have a parent or guardian present with them. Anyone under the age of 18 must not walk the hill by themselves they must always walk with a parent or guardian. 

10. Indemnity forms? Will we have to line up like last year?

No you won’t! Hooray! These forms will be emailed to your team captain. It is your teams responsibility to print 10 of these, ALL members to fill out and sign.  You MUST bring your 10 indemnity forms with you when you pick up your team packs otherwise you won’t be able to collect them.

11. Do all team members have to stay on top of the hill for 24hrs or can we swap and change people out? 

No you are not required to stay on the hill for the full 24HRS however it is something that we encourage you to do if you can as it’s an amazing experience and all part of spreading the message and talking out about this subject. If you have team members that cannot stay due to other commitments and you wish to have another person fill their place please email Alix on the below email address and let her know the alternative people’s names so that she can supply you with enough indemnity forms to fill out. All we ask is that you only ever have 10 people on the top of the hill at any one time due to spacing restrictions & that 1 team member is always walking the hill. 

12. First aid & Emergency Services

First Aid will be on site at the top of the hill for the duration of the event, if you or any one of your team members requires medical attention please alert the First aid or Event team immediately.  Emergency services personnel are on call for any serious medical emergencies as well. 

13. Can we use the Goat Track?

NO this is out of bounds during the event, if something where to happen to you whilst walking the Goat Track it is extremely difficult to get to you quickly. There is also no lighting during the night making it very dangerous. Please ensure all your team members are aware that this area is out of bounds. 

15. Alcohol & Cigarettes 

Please keep in mind both these things are NO GO items during the event. No Alcohol under any circumstances are permitted past the Road Closure on Castle hill, if you are seen with Alcohol or under the influence of Alcohol you will be removed from the event and won’t be allowed to return. Smoking inside the event is also prohibited, if you are a smoker please only smoke outside of the Road Closure at the bottom of the hill. 

16. Lighting along the road at night

We have done our very best to put lighting where we can but unfortunately due to safety reasons and Emergency Services requirements there are some parts of the road that we simply cannot having lighting on. We encourage all participants to bring along a torch or miners head lamp and to also walk in pairs at night if they don’t feel comfortable walking alone in the dark. 

17. Water Stations

There will be 2 water stations set up along the road for you all to re hydrate during your walks up and down, bring along your event water bottles to refill as cups will not be available. We want to be kind to the environment and limit rubbish. 

18. Parking 

There is no designated event parking, we encourage all team members to try and carpool or get dropped off and picked up. If you do have to drive please ONLY park in outlined car parks in and around the Northward area. As this area is residential please be very aware of the local community and dont park any where that may affect someone who is coming and going from their homes. If you choose not to park in an allocated parking bay you run the risk of getting a fine or having your vehicle towed.


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